This Years Big Shave Location: Chandler, Arizona! (Phoenix Metro) - 10am-6pm

Go S'west Young Man!

Join us for one heck of a Traditional Shaving Bash, The Big Shave Southwest! That's right folks, we decided to bring The Big Shave HOME for year 5! Not only is it a no brainer for us, the organizers but it really is the perfect vacation destination offering something for everyone! Seriously, Hiking, Casinos, Theme Parks, Water Parks, History, Ghost Towns, Restaurants, Tubing, TOMBSTONE, and oh so much more. Go S'west Young Man! All that said, please join our freshly created Official Big Shave S'west Facebook group to also stay updated - Click HERE!

Location, Location, Location...

I am so excited to announce that we will be holding this years event at the glorious, historical Crowne Plaza Golf Resort, located in historic downtown Chandler, Arizona this April 27th! A cool 20 minutes away from Sky Harbor International Airport but also in the heart of charming, historic Chandler. 

Seriously, this place has everything you could possibly need, pubs, pizza, breakfast, salons,'s epic and super family friendly! One could easily spend a few hours at the event step out the door and jump in the pool! 

So yeah, that's that. Check location off the list! Please book asap however. Below you will find not only info on the Crowne Plaza but other options as well...Do it!

Tombstone, Arizona Day Trip

For those that arrive earlier in the week, I am considering putting together a cool day trip to Tombstone or "Doug's Nickel Tour". Just a thought and it really would depend on how many folks are into it. The goal would be to collectively rent a van and driver. In the next week I will have a sign up for this event, so stay tuned if you are interested! This would probably happen on Thursday...but again, still in the works!

Get On The Mailing List!

If you are interested in attending please get on our mailing list, if you are an artisan, vendor, industry or Youtube personality or anything else shaving or male grooming related, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!

What to expect at a Big Shave Event?

  • Your Favorite Vendors & Artisans
  • Live Artisan Demos
  • Panel Discussions
  • Like-Minded Folks into Traditional Shaving
  • Free Barber Straight Razor Shaves
  • and sooooooo much more to be announced this year!

If you have never attended a Big Shave Event, Look out! Not only will we have your favorite artisans, vendors and online personalities on the scene, we will also have live demos going throughout the day. This is one thing that really sets our event apart from most meet ups...a real peek behind the curtain!

We will also have live panel discussions and different forms of wet shaving entertainment happening throughout the day. The panel discussions are always lively and interesting to watch and participate in as audience, educational and highly entertaining!

This coming year is sure to be memorable and something you're not gonna want to miss, please hit us up with the contact form if you have any questions. If you are planning to attend, please check out our hotel deal below!

Get Proactive!

If you'd like to help, reach out to your favorite vendor or artisan and tell them you'd like to see them there! While we did compile a list of about 200 artisans and vendors I am certain we missed a few...and that's where you come in. Be sure to give them this website so that they may get in direct contact with us!

For a more intimate look at what the Big Shave is like, please check out our documentary from BSW 2 below.....Shave On!


Hotels & Other Accommodations 

This years event will be hosted by The Historic Crowne Plaza Golf Resort! We encourage you to stay onsite and close to the action but there is a slew of other nearby options too. Check it out...

This Years Live Demos

A Behind The Scene Look

I like nothing more than knowing how something is made and that's why we always offer Live Demos done by your favorite artisans!

If You are an Artisan and would like to possibly demo your art contact us ASAP!

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